“I bought the Freefold some time ago and I finally put it to a travel test on my way to work – it was brilliant!

To test it, I actually put two shirts and one suit on to the Freefold, left it in my bag overnight for an early morning departure, had the bag sent to the wrong destination and eventually got it back 2 days later. All said and done, just shy of three days folded into a suitcase…

The suit was pristine and the shirts only needed a few minutes hanging whilst I took a hot shower to smooth out a few very minor wrinkles that were annoying only to me and would have likely gone unnoticed to most. A very impressive product!”

– Conrad


“I’m an airline pilot and I use the Freefold regularly. I must say it far exceeded my expectations!

I was getting fed up of trying to juggle luggage and a suit carrier while commuting, and now I can put my uniform inside my luggage and it comes out ready to wear, no creases.

For me that fact that the Freefold is light and simple to use makes all the difference. Most importantly, it just works, and very well too! I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

– Jonathon Everest


“As an avid weightlifter, a teacher and a CEO of a non-profit, I am constantly on the go. In order to smoothly transition from event to event, I needed something small and functional that would allow me to neatly store my dress clothes while in transit.

I stumbled across FreeFold and decided to buy the product after frustrations with garment bags left me feeling less than confident traveling with formal attire. I first used the FreeFold while I was traveling by train to Boston. I arrived shortly before an event, took out my suit from my FreeFold and was elated to see that I was had a wrinkle free suit!

I love this product so much, I ordered two more. I am going to keep one in the trunk of my car (the longest that I have left a suit folded up was FOUR days and the suit and trousers were still wrinkle free), and I will keep the third in my desk at work. When you have a hectic schedule, you need to be able to adapt between formal and informal settings on the fly.

FreeFold gave me the flexibility that I needed to make it through my day. Thanks for an awesome product.”

– James